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Great article!!!

"some may say that this is a heavily biased and subjective 1st-worlder topic. others might complain that i’ve typed too many words into this first post. i say this concerns a segment of people on the boreds, and is thus relevant. cannabis can be somewhat bipolar in the range of mental and physical alterations it can have on people, and i feel that the majority of people going around speaking english and spreading propaganda aren’t really aware of this (i.m.o.) important fact. the fact that there are generally two opposite ends of the cannabis high: sativa and indica.

brief pop-culturallly-relevant ganja history in a nutshell: during the 60s and 70s, the only marijuana known by americans was Cannabis sativa, grown outdoors, under the sun, imported from regions like Mexico, Columbia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, etc.. the sativa was the herb that inspired so much of the down-to-earth and creative thinking of that bygone era. (hendrix, bob marley… they were enjoying the sativa, not the indica). sativa is also the subspecies used for hemp fibres and hempseed production.

indicas, aka the skunks/afghani-hashplants/kush were unheard of in the west until sometime in the 80’s with the rise of indoor production and cannabis hybrids and the rise of “modern” breeds. they orignated from afghani hash plants that had been bred for centuries for making extremely strong and stupefying hash. these indica genetics now dominate the market.

i have been talking to old-timer hippies and periodically sampling commercial cannabis in my region (especially recently during this 1st half of 2010) long enough to realize an epidemic is overrunning the cannabis gene pool, and narrowing the genetic diversity of a sacred plant. this epidemic is the indica. kush, afganhi, hashplant, skunk weed. whatever you call it, it is its own category separate from the sativas in its physiological and mental effects, as much as a wolf and a dog (broccoli vs. brussel sprouts may be a better plant example) are in their own categories despite the fact that they’ll interbreed. i say this because of the distinct drugging effect that indica has on people. clearly, it is a downer drug, not one that gets anyone “high”.

the difference between sativas and indicas, maybe overly elaborated for those who have never tried cannabis:

sativa and sativa dominant varieties are what you want to look for if you’re seeking out a CEREBRAL cannabis HIGH. sativas have a much more uplifting and euphoric potential to their highs. sativas are the truly psychedelic cannabis. the distinctively sativa high takes place in the head (the mind really), and the effect it has on the body can be stimulating, energizing, or even non-existant. perceptual sensations may become enhanced, deepened. music becomes more detailed and relateable, colours more vivid. sex more sensual. these cerebral sativa effects are often more subtle than the more obvious stupefying effects of indicas so that sativas are often overlooked in terms of quality of potency. .

a well-bred and grown sativa makes you want to be productive, work, jog, go out for a long hike, anything but sit around being BORED. those fits of contagious laughter and giddiness that accompanies the come-on of a sativa cannabis and other uplifting, stimulating psychedelics… all typically sativa qualities. some pure sativas can be more mellow and calming in their effect on emotional states than others, and with hybrids you can get a whole mix of in-betweens, but the bottom line is that pure sativas are definitely stimulating, whereas pure indicas are more sedating.

indicas generally cause consumers to become STONEd. stoned people seldom say or do interesting things. often, stoned people become bored and boring after getting stoned. the potency of the drug is immediately felt…. but it’s not in the head at all. there’s no head, there’s only a body. a headless horseman “high” (really though, it’s a low, getting stoned, couch-locked stupor) “stupefying”, “destroyed” “faded” “blitzed” “baked” “paralyzing” and “immobilized’ are some common descriptions of the indica effect. it can make people sleepy, lazy, unmotivated consumers. easy to see how this overwhelming physical effect could be interpretted as potency (and thus quality). but it’s not a potency of high, it’s a stone.

people who get paranoid and racy/speedy-feeling when they smoke sativas often regard the non-head-high quality and pure-body-load effect of indicas as being more “lucid” because they aren’t getting off on the less predictable (set and setting ) psychedelic effects of the sativa, they’re getting off on the relaxing down-tempo stone that the indica delivers. as a muscle and mind relaxing drug, the indicas are definitely superior. also, as a potent means of getting so loaded to the point of feeling disorientated and “fucked up”, you’ll want to be looking at indica dominant hybrids.

however, it’s a double edged sword, this indica side of cannabis. its well-known effects has allowed for the evolution of the lazy unmotivated couch-locked bong-hitting stoner stereotype, the “dirty pot-smoking druggie” that is to be despised by the rest of straight, hard-working society. the image of the couch-locked stoner is meant to invite contempt. however this drugged stupifying nature of indica cannabis isn’t representative of cannabis usage in general, as the DEA would want everyone to believe. it is specific to indicas. and that’s basically the point of this thread and i can end it right here if i wanted.

in my experience with indicas: heavy consumption of indica can result in a mild “hangover’ the next morning. as well, habitual consumption of indica can result in an empty, almost depressed but not-quite, sort of insecure feeling when sober. furthermore, indicas (espeicially the modern uber-potent indica dominant hybrids) tend to leave one feeling more “burnt out” afterwards. i personally find these traits unacceptable as someone looking to maximize their quality of life with a plant that i can consider a friend. these residual and undesirable effects i’ve noticed with indicas are pretty non-existant with sativas.

i seldom enjoy being stoned, or the presence of those who constantly want to be by means of “dank kush” and other indicas and indica-dominant hybrids that are so commercially available. thus i’ve always attempted to distance myself from the stone, even as i’d be posting in our “stoner” thread.

the difference is clear to me, that for quality, especially when it comes to smoking sensimilla, the sativas are superior.

IMO, many urban “stoners” growing up in North American cities (especially people born in the 1990s) have likley never experienced the classical cannabis high of a true Cannabis sativa. the faster the finishing time, the sooner the end product gets to the consumers…. that’s why the indica/indica dominant plants are the preferred choice for people making $$$$$ from the trade. it’s all about economics for most commercial black market producers and distributors. but that’s not to say there aren’t sensually seductive qualities to the indica:

indicas can be awesomely strong, have fancy deep purple and red and gold hues mixed in with green, extremely pungent (sometimes skunky) musky perfumy smell, sometimes a deliciously sweet smooth flavour during combustion, bushy appearance, short height (good for indoors where most domestic commercial production takes place), dense flower buds. superficial appeals. indicas are like the predictable hot girls that win their way to people’s hearts because they talk so sweet and look so sexy and smell the way they’re expected to smell but substance?

when was the last time you had an original or interesting idea on an indica? when was the last time you had a high spirited evenning of infectious laughter with friends on an indica? most indica gatherings tend to consist mostly of self-absorbed people saying things like, “wow, i’m ripped!” or “that dank totally wrecked me” or “i’m destroyed” or “i am so done”…. is that your idea of fun with cannabis? all body and no head?! remaining in denial is to admit to yourself that you’re a stoner addicted to a stoning herb. in the face of declining genetic diversity of cannabis sativa (because sativas are mostly outdoor grown), the promotion of indicas via commercial breeding and mass-production is to me, very much another form of McDonaldization.

i know i have no need for uselessly stupefying sensimilla. and i urge all of you consumers to let your dealers and growers know that you won’t stand for this dumb drug. i’m tired of stoners and pot-heads lying to themselves. BC Bud, “beasters”, dutch-bred (amsterdam), cali-bud…. really, most (but not all) of the “most potent’ stuff being churned out from these so called “hot spots” especially amsterdam, aren;t that exciting or worthy of writing home about unless you’re looking for some predictably heavy indica potency.

have a good morning. - steppenwhale”

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Lost is now over. You can all shut up about smoke monsters, alternate dimensions, time travel and polar bears. FUCK YOUR SHIT.

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This is one dumb fucking quote. If you don’t understand why it’s dumb, you’re probably a dumb Christian. Listen, if faith was just a fucking journey, and didn’t get you to your homie Jesus’s house, you wouldn’t give a fuck about him. Christians who pretend like being scared of Hell isn’t their only reason for being a Christian are lying, and lying is a goddamn sin. You can argue all you want, but in the end, the only argument Christians I talk to can give after I’ve expressed my unanswerable questions and problems with what they believe is, “Well, do you really want to gamble on the afterlife?” You’re a fucking idiot. You’re gambling too, dumbfuck. Thirty-three percent of the world considers themselves “Christians.” Keep in mind this is counting people who just claim to be Christian and actually aren’t, and also all the little various cults (Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, Catholicism, etc). So in reality, that number would be a lot lower, depending on who you talk to, but really, I don’t give a fuck. Even if all thirty-three percent of those Christians went to Heaven, that means sixty-seven percent of the world is wrong and going to hell. Who the fuck wants to be in a place like that, with a God like that, a God who only lets you crash at his pad forever if you happen to believe something some people passed down through word of mouth thousands of years ago that was eventually written down and decided on what was really “true” by a gathering of some old motherfuckers who didn’t know shit? It also means that if Christians are wrong and Muslims are right, only twenty percent of the world is going to Heaven, and that all you Christians are going to hell with the rest of us. Same goes for all the other religions. So, if you want to talk about gambling, you’re a high-roller, Christian asshole. Not to mention gambling is a sin, just like lying, so you’re already two-for-two by the end of this article, Christians. Fuck your shit. (All percentages from

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